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Registration Information

Please check out the resources below for NTX Soccer/RYSA

Return to Play Best Practices & Guidelines

RYSA COVID Spring 2023 FAQs


What is the refund policy?

Refunds will only be processed with a written request using our Refund Request Form from our 'Forms' page. Refunds are of the registration fee less a $20.00 administrative fee. Full refunds are only granted if received BEFORE a player is placed onto a team or if there was no team available. There are NO refunds whatsoever after February 18, 2023.


Can I return to my previous team from last season?

If you played on a team in Fall 2022 and WANT to return to that same team be sure you choose “YES” on the return to team question when registering otherwise your child will be placed in the ‘Free Agent’ pool. There is no guarantee for Spring 2023 that we can place players on the same team.  As we anticipate lower registration response, this will be based on the number of registrations we receive in each division. The Free Agent\Draft Pool is for those players who are new to RYSA or who wish to go to another team other than the one they played with the previous season. All players in the Draft Pool will be placed on a team at random. NOTE: Due to these unprecedented times with the global pandemic, there is a high probability of co-ed play, mixed age play, and/or interleague play that can only be determined after registration close by the RYSA BOD.

You can also choose to return to your player's age pure bracket by clicking NO to return to the team, and YES to return to age pure bracket.


Do I have to sign a Covid waiver to play? 

Yes, there is a NTX Soccer Covid waiver within the online registration form, which will need to be signed during registration, in order for your child to play Spring 2023 soccer. 


Does my child have to wear a mask on the field?

No, it is up to the parent whether the child wears a mask on the field.  It is not required.