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Registration Information

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Return to Play Best Practices & Guidelines



Will I receive a discount for Spring 2020 being cut short? 

If you were registered and on a team for Spring 2020 for U4-U10, and you register for Fall 2020, you will receive a $40 discount off of our regular registration fee.  You will need to register on the link for Returning Minor League Spring 2020, to get the discount. 


What is the refund policy?

With the COVID-19 restrictions and we anticipate lower registration response, we are not asking for payment at the time of registration.  If we have enough players registered to carry out a season, we will contact parents once a child is placed on a team for payment. With that being said, there are no refunds after RYSA contacts you for payment for the Fall 2020 season only. At the time we contact you, if you do not want your child to play any longer, we will remove from a team, and you will not pay. 


Can I return to my previous team from last season?

If you played on a team in Spring 2020 and WANT to return to that same team be sure you choose “YES” on the return to team question when registering otherwise your child will be placed in the ‘Free Agent’ pool. There is no guarantee for Fall 2020 that we can place players on the same team.  As we anticipate lower registration response, this will be based on the number of registrations we receive in each division. The Free Agent\Draft Pool is for those players who are new to RYSA or who wish to go to another team other than the one they played with the previous season. All players in the Draft Pool will be placed on a team at random

You can also choose to return to your player's age pure bracket by clicking NO to return to the team, and YES to return to age pure bracket.


Do I have to sign a Covid-19 waiver to play? 

Yes, there is a NTX Soccer Covid-19 waiver within the online registration form, which will need to be signed during registration, in order for your child to play Fall 2020 soccer. 


Since the Registrations window is shorter, will there be late fees? 

No, for Fall 2020 ONLY, RYSA will not charge late fees for registrations. 

Recreational Player Member Association Change Notification

RYSA and North Texas Soccer encourages players to register with their local association. However, if for some reason you would prefer to register with RYSA, please fill out and submit this form. If you do not have a GotSoccer player account yet, select "none" to begin the process. We hope you have a great soccer experience!

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