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Competitive Home Association

Competitive Home Association



Timeframe will be impacted if we are unable to verify and validate all necessary documents, if coaches do not have their requirements completed, if we do not have jersey numbers or photos of players and coaches.  


Please Note:  This is not a registration for individual Players who are seeking a competitive team.  

FALL 2021/SPRING 2022 


JULY 1ST, 2021
Fees cover the entire year, both fall and spring seasons.


  • ADULTS on a ROSTER:  $5 per adult on the roster (once per soccer year / Fall and Spring) Adults must complete a background check AND SafeSport through their club account.
  • PLAYERS:  $35 per player annually 

RYSA will not accept a team registration without payment, unless prior arrangements have been made. Checks should be made out to RYSA.  You may also pay by credit card, there is an additional fee.  

REGISTRATION INFO: If you plan to use electronic registration, please email Tina Greene at (  and I will send you the GotSport team registration link.  Please provide the date you need rosters by. Once all required documents have been uploaded into the new GotSport platform and you have updated/created your roster in the new GotSport platform, email Tina, and I will work on validating documents and getting your approved NTX roster. I will keep up with you so you know when I can have your rosters to you.

Please be advised that we are working with a new platform starting this season and we will have to work through kinks as we go.  Please be patient and communicative with your needs. 

For more information, please contact Tina Greene, Registrar at, or via text or phone at 214 607-4681.

Competitive registrations (team and individual) are subject to review, acceptance, and approval by the Rowlett Youth Soccer Association Management Committee and Registrar.



*Teams register for the entire year,  which includes Fall '21 and Spring '22.


  • Background Checks/SafeSport certification and ID's for Rostered Adults
    • RYSA REQUIRES all adults to show valid pictured proof of identification once per soccer year. 
    • Background checks and SafeSport certification must be done through your club. Contact your club for more details.
  • Create or Update your Got Sport Roster under your Team Account.
    • Use GotSport to form your roster. 
    • Use the player's legal name from the birth certificate, NO nicknames. Existing Teams need to Delete player profiles that are no longer on the team for the new year. 
    • Enter player phone number and all address information as it appears on each player's competitive form.
    • Include a jersey number (mandatory). There cannot be any duplicate jersey numbers, and players can only be assigned one jersey number at a time.
    • Enter the team name exactly as it should appear on the roster.
    • Head Shots aren't mandatory for registration but you will need them for your league and ID cards. Head shots should be shoulders up and not full body pictures. No sunglasses or hats.
  • Fact Sheet:
    • Team Fact Sheet must be submitted electronically (by June 15th) to NTSSA before registering the team with RYSA. This is to be distributed to any player interested in your team. 
    • Fact Sheet Signature Page must be signed by all parents/players
      • Proof of approved fact sheet will be required along with the Fact Sheet Signature page - parents must hand sign
  • Fees are due at the time of registration (unless already discussed with club registrar)
  • Teams must have at least 12 players to initiate a team registration


RYSA will validate and return original documents

  • NTSSA Competitive Membership Form- (Can NOT be completed or signed before July 1st)
    • All sections of the form must be filled out.
    • Signatures are required.
    • Missing signatures or incomplete information will cause the form to be rejected.
  • Government issued birth certificate
    • Birth Certificates must be legible. 
    • Hospital birth certificates will not be accepted.
    • Players with Foreign Birth Certificates must have international clearance before they can be added to a roster. Please be aware that this process can take up to 6 months. 

Medical Release Forms - while not mandatory to complete registration, we do recommend uploading them to your account at registration so that you have them on file.


  • A signed official, computer generated, North Texas Roster. This will still need to be signed by Head Coach to be valid.
  • An NTSSA Member ID Card as proof of background check for all rostered adults.
  • Travel player cards (upon request). We can only do these if the player have head shots uploaded into the account. We do recommend getting these early in the season so you already have them on hand for any last minute tournaments. 

Competitive registrations (team and individual) are subject to review, acceptance, and approval by the Rowlett Youth Soccer Association Management Committee and Registrar.

For more information, please contact Tina Greene, Registrar at, or via text or phone at 214 607-4681.


Read the Competitive Soccer Policy Manual below.  (Please note that this is for the Got Soccer Legacy platform, we are in the process of creating a new manual on the new GotSport platform)