Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the RYSA refund policy below before registering:

Refunds will only be processed with a written request using our Refund Request Form from our ‘Forms’ page. Refunds are of the registration fee less a $20 administrative fee. Full refunds are only granted if received BEFORE a player is placed on a team or if there was no team available. There are NO refunds after 5:00 PM on February 22, 2020

When is registration for Spring 2020 and when is the deadline?

Open Registration:  11/2 – 1/11

Late Registration: 1/12 – 1/18 (Late fee begins 1/12)

Walk-in Registration:  1/11 & 1/18

Birth Certificates and payments due by Team formation or not placed on a team

Team Formation:  1/25 (Saturday)

No Team Changes After: 1/31

Coach Orientation:  2/8

Season Opens: 2/22

No Games: Spring Break (3/9- 3/15),

Easter (4/12), Mother’s Day (5/10)

Season Ends: 5/9 (fields open til 5/17)

Coach’s Meeting: 4/23 (Thursday)

*Dates subject to change by up to a week
Season schedule may deviate from the above-posted dates for U10-U16 leagues who may participate in interleague with other local associations which will require travel outside of Rowlett for some games.

How much is my registration fee?

Fees (per season):

Age Group

Birth Year

Player Fee

Under 4 **



Under 5



Under 6



Under 7



Under 8



*Under 9 & Under 10

2010 & 2011


*Under 11 & Under 12

2008 & 2009


*Under 13 & Under 14

2006 & 2007


*Under 15 & Under 16

2004 & 2005


*Under 17 & Under 18

2002 & 2003


*Under 19




*It is highly probable that the following age brackets will be combined to play against each other: U9 & U10, U11 & U12, U13 & U14, U15 & 16, U17 & U19

** U4 must turn 3 on or before 12/31/19 to be eligible for play under NTSSA rules.

How old does my child have to be to start soccer?

A player must be 3 years old by December 31, 2019, to participate in the Spring Season 2020.  4.1.2 "The age of a player for purpose of league play shall be the player’s age on December 31 of the current soccer year. The current soccer year begins on September 1 and ends August 31 of the following year."

What do I need to complete registration?

Child’s birth certificate (if brand new to RYSA), registration form, & payment. (Birth certificate copies can be uploaded into your player's account or faxed to RYSA. (If you choose to upload, PLEASE EMAIL us notifying us of such.) Payment and copies of birth certificates are due by January 24th  by 5 pm and if not received will delay and possibly deny placement of your player on a team. A non-refundable $10 late fee will be charged if documents are not in the office by January 24th.)

How do I register?

From our homepage go to “Registration” and then click the ‘register here’ link or visit our office to use our paper form.

How do I pay?

Online/web registration only accepts credit/debit card payments. If you must pay with a personal check or cash, please go to the RYSA office during posted office hours for paper registration.

Can I return to my previous team from last season?

If you played on a team in Fall 2019 and WANT to return to that same team be sure you choose “YES” on the return to team question when registering otherwise your child will be placed in the ‘Free Agent’ pool. The Free Agent\Draft Pool is for those players who are new to RYSA or who wish to go to another team other than the one they played with the previous season. All players in the Draft Pool will be placed on a team at random.

You can also choose to return to your player's age pure bracket by clicking NO to return to the team, and YES to return to age pure bracket.

Can I request to play with a friend?

Yes, if you have not played soccer in the last two years in any association then you may request to play with a friend, however, the request can only be granted if there is room on the team they’re requesting. Requests for a team cannot be guaranteed.

Can I request to “play up” a division?

Yes, in accordance with our rule “A player with advanced ability may play in the next age bracket with permission of the receiving and releasing Age Group Directors. Proper procedure for this type of request is in writing, signed by a parent or guardian." This request must be received no later than January 24th. Fill out the "play up waiver" located on the Forms page and send it in. All requests will be reviewed by the team formation committee for a decision.  

How many games will we play?

U4 is an introductory development program. U5 through U6 play an 8 game season. All others play up to 10 games, if possible.  All age divisions play games on Saturdays, Sundays, and U10 and up can expect weeknight games regularly. ALL age divisions will play double headers and/or weeknights in the event of more than 3 rainouts in a single season, as determined by the Board of Directors.

When and where is practice?

Team practice days and times are set by coaches. The association has no knowledge of these and therefore cannot grant requests for specific practice nights. NOTE: Any conflicts with practice times/ days should be resolved between the player/parent and the coach of your team. There will be no trading or swapping of players between teams due to practice conflicts.

The following rules apply to practice: (excerpt from our Rules and Regulations document)

5.1.1. Players may not participate in more than two (2) practice sessions per week except as authorized by the Age Group Director.

5.1.2. All practice sessions shall be limited to one (1) hour of physical activity per practice.

5.1.3. The U4, U5, U6, & U8 shall be limited to a maximum of forty-five (45) minutes of physical activity per practice.


Is the uniform included in my registration fee?

No.  RYSA no longer provides uniforms for any age group. The cost for uniforms will be collected by your player’s coach and will be at minimum $40 and up depending on the uniform. If you are returning to a team the decision to use the same uniforms or purchase new ones is up to the coach and/or his/her team.

What other equipment does my child need?

Every player should have soccer cleats, shin guards, and soccer ball. 

U6-U8 use size 3 ball

U10-U12 use size 4 ball

U14 & up use size 5 ball

When will I hear from a Coach?

Coaches will begin contacting players in early February. 

When will I receive the game schedule?

Schedules are published on our website under the ‘Schedules’ link anywhere between 1-2 weeks before the 1st game of the season. Additionally, an email is sent to the Coaches to disseminate to their players and we also announce it on Facebook.


The following rule applies to schedules: (excerpt from our Rules and Regulations document) Once team schedules are published they shall stand without change for the duration of the season, unless the scheduled game meets the requirements to postpone said game as stated in Rules section 5.3.

How much playing time will my child receive?

Per our rule 5.2.1. “Each player has equal opportunity to develop their abilities and skills, learn teamwork and sportsmanship; RYSA requires that each RYSA Player be played a minimum of 50% in every game, except for illness, injury or disciplinary reasons. In those cases, the coach must notify the player, the parents of the player, and the opposing coach prior to the beginning of the game that the minimum time has been reduced.”


How will I receive communication from RYSA?

Our primary method of communication is via email. It’s imperative that you supply a valid email address that you will check frequently as it is how we send out all notifications for registration reminders, game cancellations, field closures, special offers for RYSA members, etc. Additionally, Coaches use the email system to send out practice details and coordinate with their players. Alternative methods of communications we leverage are Facebook, Twitter,, and phone calls.

How are players placed on teams?

A ‘Team Formation Committee’ designated by the RYSA Board of Directors and consisting of 4 members (3 voting, 1 non-voting) reviews special requests and vote on such requests then using age, gender, team size, and the number of volunteer Coaches as criteria for assigning players to teams. The final determination for placement will be done via ‘School district-assigned school’ and/or a ‘Lottery’ method.

The following other factors apply to player placements and team formations:

Returning players (players who have played at least 1 of the past 2 seasons on a team that still exists) who register late will lose the option to return to their team of record.

  1. If an age division has a high number of players that can make a team but there are not enough Coaches in that age division and no parent steps up to volunteer as a Coach, then the registrants will not play and refunds will need to be issued.
  2. If an existing team does not have a returning Coach and no parent steps up to volunteer to Coach that team, then the team will be disbanded or merged if available. The final decision rests with RYSA.
  3. If an age division does not have enough players to make a team the registrants will be given the opportunity to play up into the next age group (if there’s availability), otherwise, the registrant will need to request a refund.
  4. If there are more than 1 existing team in an age group and 1 or more of those teams do not have enough players the team will be disbanded or merged if available. The final decision rests with RYSA.
  5. If there are siblings from the same household that wish to play together (e.g. 2 brothers or 2 sisters, etc.) on the same team, this can only be accommodated if there is open spots on a team. The final decision rests with RYSA.


If you have problems/questions about registration, please send email to: