4U Division


Spring 2020 Registration is closed. 


By registering now, your child will be placed on a 'wait list' in the event that we need more players.




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Wait List

By being placed on 'wait list', this does not guarantee a placement.  This also means if you are returning, you will be placed last.  If there is no room on your previous team, you will be put into the pool.  If we need more players, we will contact you, and you must remit payment ASAP in order to qualify as completely registered to then be placed onto a team.

We will not place your child onto a team until payment is received and birth certificate is either uploaded to their profile or provide to our office (birth certificates are only required for new players to RYSA).



Important Spring 2020

Dates to Remember: 


Open Registration:  11/2 – 1/11

Late Registration: 1/12 – 1/18 (Late fee begins 1/12)

Walk-in Registration:  1/11 & 1/18

Birth Certificates and payments due by Team formation or not placed on a team

Team Formation:  1/25 (Saturday)

No Team Changes After: 1/31

Coach Orientation:  2/8

Season Opens (U4-U10): 2/22

Season Opens (Major League U11+): 3/21

No Games:

Spring Break (3/9- 3/15),

Easter (4/12), Mother’s Day (5/10)

Season Ends: 5/9 (fields open til 5/17)

Coach’s Meeting: 4/23 (Thursday)

RYSA 4u Division Introductory and Development Overview


The 4u division is an introductory and development program led by a volunteer coach with the support and assistance of RYSA’s Director of Coaching Education. The intent is to teach your player the very basics of soccer such as dribbling the ball, ball control, foot placement on the ball, game familiarity and stopping and changing directions. Your player will also begin to learn how to distinguish between teams and get the feel for the initial concept of competition along with how to listen for coach’s instructions while in play.

The program is a stair-step approach to the game of soccer in which the players will work through a series of exercises that start out simple then progress to a more complex activity. The goal is for your player to get as many touches on the soccer ball as possible to increase his/her comfort level. Then work toward controlling the ball and executing the principles of play.

Each session is approximately the same amount of time as a full game so your player can become acclimated to being in play on the field for the duration of a typical game. These game-like sessions are designed with 4 quarters that progress the player from a technical warm-up to a scrimmage starting out utilizing a small part of the field to the whole field. Each session will utilize repetition of the skills being taught to help build good soccer habits that your player can build upon as he/she progresses to the next level of soccer.

The Spring Season will consist of 2 sessions then 6 normal games.

The Fall Season will consist of 6 sessions then 2 normal games.

1st Quarter - Technical Warm-up using 5x5 grid.

2nd Quarter - Small-Side Game using half of the field.

3rd Quarter - Expanded SSG using the whole field.

4th Quarter – Scrimmage using the whole field.

Parent participation is highly recommended during each session, and necessary to make this program successful. This will give everyone an opportunity to help develop our young stars.

Please be encouraging and supportive when your player is on the field even when he/she makes a mistake. At this age, it will take several mistakes before they get it right and that’s ok. Be their cheerleader to let them know to keep trying and don’t give up.


Game On!

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